Team Coaching

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“I was not expecting to enjoy the retreats, but I am grateful for the whole experience. It’s made me grow as a person in ways I had never experienced before.”

– Kathy Rausch, author and illustrator of “Activate Divine Creativity, The Life-Changing Magic of the Mandala” (Team Member)

While coaching an organization’s leader can create huge improvements in an organization, every organization consists of a system of relationships. When the leadership team is coached, the entire system of relationship patterns shifts, which helps to heal dysfunction and leads to healthier, higher functioning within the organization. When the team becomes more self-aware, positive changes are much more likely and everyone experiences empowerment.

Team coaching/training is always offered in conjunction with senior-leader coaching.


Following an assessment by the leadership team of the organization’s strengths and challenges, your team will be trained to:

  • change their lens, so they see powerful relationship dynamics rather than just faulty “parts,”
  • lead change effectively, and
  • interact with fellow team members in ways that decrease the damaging impact of high emotions.

Training sessions are highly interactive and enjoyable!
Check out this quote from previous participant Dana Horton:

“I have never been a fan of group leadership training sessions, but I have to say that Amy did an outstanding job of setting up meaningful dialogue and providing a lot of useful information. I can use the take-aways from our training in my leadership positions at work, at my volunteer activities, and even at home!”

Team Coaching Program Outline

Team coaching consists of four six-hour sessions. 

The chart below outlines the program’s four components:




Thinking Systems:
An interactive overview of the elements/characteristics of systems thinking. The roots and behavior of organizational anxiety. Personal accountability in systems.


Leading Change:
Understanding change dynamics in organizations and understanding where organizational leaders have the most ability to make a positive difference. Adaptive leadership in disequilibrium.


Leadership and Organizational Anxiety:
How leaders impact system dynamics and how they can intervene effectively in conflict situations. The impact of focus on strengths and mission.


Practice and Tips:
An opportunity to “workshop” current issues that are alive in the community and apply principles from the training.

Get Started

Team coaching begins with coaching the leader, and I work exclusively with teams whose leader is engaged in one-to-one intensive coaching with me first.

I do this in order to serve you best. In my experience, teams are never any healthier than their leader, and a leader who sees all the problems in their team rather than in themselves needs support from someone outside the group to offer perspective and insight that isn’t available in the group.

The leader of any team sets the tone for how that team functions. Even when the team members need to develop skills for working together, their leader is the one who models accountability, solutions-orientation, and positive working relationships. Even if your senior leader is doing a fantastic job, I still work with them in one-on-one coaching first because they are the ones best able to set the stage for ongoing learning in the team after the team sessions are over.

If you are a board member or other senior leader who would like team coaching for your group, please talk with the senior member of the group (CEO, executive director, or board chair) about coaching for themselves. You may schedule a chat with me to discuss options as you approach that conversation.

When your senior leader has agreed to coaching, you may schedule a three-way conversation with yourself, him or her, and me.