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Individual Leadership Coaching

“When I first started coaching I was a mess, my work was a mess. I was feeling trapped in my job, feeling I had to stay in a role that no longer fit me. The more I learned about self-differentiation and overfunctioning–and the more I practiced self-compassion–the more I became able to catch my triggers before they would fire so that I could maintain a calm presence. Now the mess has cleared, things are calm and working well at the Center, and I am a much happier person. I know now that I am in the right job, and I love my work again.”

Rev. Molly Cameron, Founder and Senior Minister / Columbus Center for Spiritual Living

“I have found Amy a reflective and inquisitive coach, one that listens profoundly and then provokes thoughts with you through a pertinent question. I would recommend Amy as a coach and facilitator to anyone ready to learn and grow.”

– Sébastien Terral, Vice President & Engagement Leader, Paris, France. / Senn Delaney, a Heidrick & Struggles company

“I was feeling trepidation about following through on projects and areas of growth that interested me. I needed to be putting myself out there, but encountered a fear of rejection and failure. In coaching, we talked through what was happening in my emotional world. I began building a foundation of health and well-being, and I started allowing myself to trust my own voice, to trust where I’ve been and where I am going with what I have to offer. I began giving myself permission to have a voice. I brought my business objectives in alignment with my purpose. The result was finding a centered place in my work to comfortably reach out to connect with others, to build relationships and guide conversation around mutually-beneficial business goals.”
Teresa Garza, Vice President, Miami / Senn Delaney, a Heidrick & Struggles company

I interview one of my clients, Michael Brooks, who describes his experience and results from coaching.

Amy helps me get clear about what I want to focus on by reflecting what she hears me say and then supports me in organizing my thoughts in a way that helps me in moving forward in my goals and aspirations.
On one call,  I was excited about an idea that had been percolating for me, and Amy’s warmth and open invitation to explore this idea allowed me to put all my ideas on the table, gain insight from Amy’s reflection, and then brainstorm ways to organize an approach that seemed manageable and doable. Amy offered a demonstration as an example so I could clearly understand the step to initiate my goal. I’m feeling more confident and excited about accomplishing my goal after my coaching call with Amy.
Susanna Warren, Program and Outreach Director / Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio

Leadership Team Coaching

“Before Amy worked with our leadership, I felt under constant fire. What I wanted more than anything was for everyone to just relax and trust me, to know that I was going to handle it all. After the Healthy Leadership Systems sessions with the whole leadership team, and my own insights into self-differentiation and overfunctioning, the team started leaning into one another in new ways. I sensed a renewed sense of ownership that was refreshing. Several people stepped up in bigger ways, taking charge of situations and projects more than they ever had before. I became better able to allow others to grow. It feels like a fresh canvas — freeing, creative, and innovative. We are learning how to be leaders, together.”

Rev. Molly Cameron, Founder and Senior Minister / Columbus Center for Spiritual Living

“I participated in the workshop as an emerging leader and was blown away by the usefulness of systems thinking! Systems thinking is extremely helpful in working with organizations and communities who want to engage in change. I regularly use what I learned about relationship dynamics and how I contribute to them in all sorts of situations and positions since then especially in my consulting work with various organizations.”

– Christine Raffaele, Esq., C.C.M., Consultant

“Amy provided a workshop for leaders of the congregation at our church. I was a Board and Strategic Planning Committee member at this time, and wanted to improve both my leadership and listening skills. She provided a comfortable, inclusive environment for learning, and touched upon how we, as a congregation, can better fulfill our mission statement. She taught that fulfillment of both church mission and the desire to lead is done through careful listening, sharing, and respect. I thoroughly enjoyed the time invested and walked away with information I use daily at church and in my professional life. I continue to serve the church in other leadership roles, applying the knowledge gained from this experience.”

– Dennis A. Rankin, Regulatory Affairs Manager Ashland Speciality Ingredients G.P.

John Testimonials

“I attended Amy’s workshop as I was contemplating accepting a position on our church’s Board. The questions, reading, discussions and listening that occurred helped excite and prepare me to join the Board and eventually become the Board Chair. I went from lacking self-confidence to be on the Board to thoroughly enjoying my years doing important work with and for our congregation. I specifically remember our stories related to how we as a congregation struggle with injustice and with perceived wrongdoings. Amy reminded us to notice our feelings and possible anxiety these stories brought up and helped us practice embracing our emotional responses without letting those feeling distract us from our listening.”


John McCrystal, IT Manager: Infrastructure Rapid End User Services / American Electric Power

“I have never been a fan of group leadership training sessions, but I have to say that Amy did an outstanding job of setting up meaningful dialogue and providing a lot of useful information. I can use the take-aways from our training in my leadership positions at work, at my volunteer activities, and even at home!”

– Dana E. Horton, Director, Market Policy, American Electric Power (Columbus, Ohio). Also past board chair, treasurer, practitioner, and minister-in-training at the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living.

– Rev. Lane Campbell, Minister of Religious Exploration, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus