Hi! I am Amy Kay Watson, and I coach talented, brilliant, tender-hearted professionals like you to discover their destiny, own their power, and live their purpose with courage and compassion–even in a corporate environment.

I coach leaders and career transitioners to greater effectiveness by helping them listen to themselves. I understand the hunger to be heard and understood, and I believe the creativity and answers you need are within you.  I also believe that modern society keeps us so busy, stressed, and distracted that we have forgotten the sound of our inner voice of wisdom. I’m here to help you find that inner voice again so you can learn from it.

I also believe that leadership and even career management are inherently spiritual work, because they are both about:

  • knowing yourself,
  • understanding yourself, and
  • bringing your actions into integrity with your values–with authenticity and without compromise.

My mission is to help you bring who you are and what you live into alignment so you can be successful.

My path to coaching began in ministry, where I learned about the power of how we show up in conversation. This is something I bring to my work as a coach and is what I teach to clients, because I found myself wanting to help people develop the skills to surpass their struggles.

Life gave me that opportunity with a move into corporate management where, like most of American managers today, I was given the responsibility but none of the insight or skills to manage other people well.  As in the classic metaphor I was given a hammer, and I went around hammering everything until some things were broken beyond repair, such as relationships, trust, and eventually confidence.

While painful, this experience was a gift in that it created great, powerful questions within me–questions that I have been holding and seeking to answer ever since:

  • What motivates anyone to work, produce, and try harder?
  • Is work ethic something you can only get from your parents, or can a manager inspire it?
  • Why are people so frustratingly different in their motivational makeup?
  • How can people actually be fulfilled and thrive for the third of their lives they spend working?

Never satisfied with easy answers, I have pursued deeper understanding around these questions for fifteen years. I have studied, observed, listened, cha206753_10100628709642755_12463533_63137193_3673513_nllenged, and constantly reflected on my experiences and how I can use them to help others.

I took my passion for leadership effectiveness into group coaching starting in 2009. I began working with groups to help them get better results:

  • Meeting deadlines and saving payroll costs instead of wasting time in conflict.
  • Motivating high performance through mutual understanding and appreciation.
  • Responding effectively to change with agility and innovation
  • Enjoying work and thriving through a stronger sense of purpose and camaraderie.

In that work I was privileged to support thousands of people in becoming more self-aware and professionally effective.

In my current work with leaders and career transitioners, I still promote self-awareness and professional effectiveness through listening. You can think of me as the friend who:

  • asks you the kinds of questions that help you see things you couldn’t otherwise see,
  • will help you remember your goals and your strengths, and
  • gives you the feedback that nobody else will give you–authentically and with love.


I was born in Irving, Texas (go Cowboys!), raised in a suburb of Binghamton, NY, and attended high school and college in North Carolina. I am currently a Unitarian Universalist but was raised as an evangelical Baptist. I live in Columbus Ohio where I garden and paint and keep the dog & cat from killing each other.  My inner nerdy introvert loves that the Whedonverse and Star Trek are available on Netflix, and I get David Sedaris to read me to me every night.

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