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I am Amy Kay Watson, and I coach talented, brilliant, tender-hearted professionals like you to discover their destiny, own their power, and live their purpose with courage and compassion–even in a corporate environment.

As an ICF-certified personal development and leadership coach, I have worked with thousands of professionals across North America. I have helped leaders and teams get fantastic results, increase their influence, and prepare for the future. My training came from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (B.A.), Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Fielding Graduate University (Certification in Evidence-Based Coaching). I have been working in organizational culture, organizational leadership transformation, and career transition since 2009.

You might want to work with me if:

  • you want to feel yourself growing as a person again.
  • you want to do something different at work, but you don’t know what.
  • people don’t listen to you or treat you the way they should.
  • you’re always afraid of what’s going to happen at work.
  • people tell you to just be confident, but you don’t know how.

How it works

I have a proven methodology that works for people, and it’s customized to you as a person. Each month, you receive a packet of materials that I have hand-picked to help you. Then, you decide what is most important for you to do. This structure provides training wheels for getting the most out of coaching. FREE GIFT: I will send you one of these packets TODAY just for signing up to receive exclusive offers and development opportunities. Sign up here.

Online Coaching

While I do meet some clients face-to-face in central Ohio, we can do all of our coaching work online. We can meet by phone or videoconference (such as Skype or Zoom) and supplement our communications through email, texting, or apps such as Evernote and Insight Timer. Coaching is all about you — your goals, your agenda, your stories, your life, your work, your presence. My role is to help you be at your best as often as you can be. Why let something like distance get in the way?

What is Coaching?

In this video I introduce myself and explain how coaching with me is different from hiring a mentor, hiring an athletic coach, or hiring a therapist.

View more videos here

Why hire Amy as a coach for leadership, career, and personal development?

My clients have a fascinating breadth of goals that they are working toward, and I customize my approach based on those goals. I will help you tune into the ways you have sabotaged your own success so you can stop getting in your own way. Together we discover how you can transform your mindset and change your approach to get significantly better results, achieve your goals, and make your hopes and dreams a reality.

Here are some results I like to help my clients achieve:

  • Goal achievement
  • Better relationships
  • Stronger leadership, including coaching skills for managers
  • Feeling authentically yourself at work
  • Stronger thinking skills
  • Stress help
  • Improved communication
Professional Coaching maximizes potential and therefore unlocks latent sources of increased productivity. It improves work performance, business management, time management, and team effectiveness.


  • “Amy is one of the most thoughtful and empathetic people I know. She integrates what she is noticing about my feelings to enrich the conversation and connect heart/mind solution options.”
  • “Amy gives me a grounded space to define the situation myself with insight. She doesn’t analyze me, but takes me through a discovery process so I come up with my own answers.”
  • “One of the highest integrity people I know.”
  • “Amy’s intelligent, compassionate, has a strong sense of responsibility and is a good listener. It’s easy to feel at ease with her.”
  • “Amy asks questions that lead to self-discovery and personal reflection of a type that rarely surfaces in other personal interactions.”
  • “Amy has both the experience and the necessary knowledge to offer practical solutions for your problems.”

An Easy First Step

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If you already know that you are ready to hire a coach

If you have a decision to make or a challenge to tackle, I am happy to offer one free 30-minute goal-oriented coaching session. This will give you a sense for who I am and what it’s like to work with me, what coaching is like, and whether you will get value from our work together. Contact Amy.


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