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Life and unexpected challenges can slowly pull you away or knock you off the rails of your purpose. Come back to center with my free Inspirational Leader Training series–my gift to you for visiting the site.

I will never give away or sell your info!

The Inspirational Leader Training Series will give you valuable insights to help you make significant changes in your leadership and team. This is high-impact stuff, and my team has encouraged me to sell it — but I don’t want to. I want to give you grounding in some of the dynamics at play that might lead you to feel disheartened and frustrated in your role. Over a 10-day period you will receive four videos. On the first day, you’ll also receive the Purpose Profiler, a tool that gives you a step-by-step process to help you deeply understand your sense of purpose.

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Become the Inspirational Leader You Were Called to Be 

Your calling wasn’t supposed to lead to conflict and chaos. Your calling was very real, yet the qualities that drew you to it – qualities like compassion, altruism, and patience – can seem to work against you.

You’re not alone. If you’re experiencing challenges like this, it does not mean you chose the wrong career. There are real reasons why you and other purpose-driven leaders have these kinds of issues:

  • Shouldering the blame for everything that goes wrong (no, it’s not all your fault).
  • Difficulty getting members to pitch in, leaving a heavy burden on you.
  • Disappointing results from those who do pitch in.

Once you understand those reasons, you can take control, re-ignite the spark that called you to purpose-driven work, and inspire your staff and members.

My name is Amy Kay Watson and I’ve helped purpose-driven leaders create dramatic results, even when they felt ready to give up. After working with me, they understood what was really going on and rose to new heights.

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“I was feeling trapped in my job, feeling I had to stay in a role that no longer fit me. The more I learned about self-differentiation and overfunctioning–and the more I practiced self-compassion–the more I became able to catch my triggers before they would fire so that I could maintain a calm presence. Now the mess has cleared, things are calm and working well at the Center, and I am a much happier person. I know now that I am in the right job, and I love my work again.”

Molly Cameron / Columbus Center for Spiritual Living

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Purpose-Driven Leaders: Re-ignite the spark that called you to your vocation and inspire your followers with my  4-part Inspirational Leader video series.

I will never give away or sell your info!