Columbus Center for Spiritual Living – Leadership Retreat Series

“I have never been a fan of group leadership training sessions, but I have to say that Amy did an outstanding job of setting up meaningful dialogue and providing a lot of useful information. I can use the take-aways from our training in my leadership positions at work, at my volunteer activities, and even at home!”

-Dana E. Horton, Director, Market Policy, American Electric Power (Columbus, Ohio). Also past board chair, treasurer, practitioner, and minister-in-training at the Columbus Center for Spiritual Living.


I interview one of my clients, who describes his experience and results from coaching.

Marcio Mourao, Ph.D.


I sought out coaching because I was dissatisfied with my job and wanted to shift towards one more aligned with my values. I hoped to understand myself and my own values a little bit more, while working on a potential career transition.

It was very revealing. Amy was very good at asking the right questions and proposing the right things at the right time. During the time I worked with her, I feel I was able to understand why I was feeling increasingly dissatisfied with my job. More importantly, I was also able to understand what I should look for in a new job.

For the longest time, I knew a lot about what I did not want and very little about what I wanted. I think that balance changed with Amy’s sessions. Amy’s questions and tasks throughout the sessions helped me think differently about myself and how I relate to my current job. They broadened my perspective and gave me insight on what I truly find valuable.

I feel it was a great investment. I am happy with the results. In addition to helping me understand my own values, every conclusion deemed relevant throughout that process was written down for the future. That document now helps me guide myself.

Amy is a very good listener and guided me in addressing my problems. I think she is also very knowledgeable, which allows her to propose a variety of relevant experiments in her guidance process. I would definitely recommend her.

“Amy’s coaching enabled me to see my time management and activities through another perspective. Her questions and exercises helped me to establish new priorities and take action aligned with my career goals.” Larry Radford, President, Career Transition Institute, Columbus, Ohio

“I have found Amy a reflective and inquisitive coach, one that listens profoundly and then provokes thoughts with you through a pertinent question. I would recommend Amy as a coach and facilitator to anyone ready to learn and grow.” Sébastien T, Group Learning & Development Leader, Paris, France.