Public Speaking and Group Facilitation

Purpose-Driven Leaders: Re-ignite the spark that called you to your vocation.

I can offer interactive, dynamic programming on these topics:

Something Has To Change

Are your members working a job that’s never done, struggling to prioritize among competing demands? Something Has To Change will raise your members’ awareness of the internal distractions and expectations that hamper productivity.

The Power of Authentic Communication

Do your members struggle to express themselves when feeling frustrated or nervous? Our emotional lives don’t have to prevent us from achieving professional success. Create a vision for how to be your true self in the workplace.

Healthy Systems Leadership

We live in anxious times. Technology is driving change at an unprecedented rate in the workplace. They also generate symptoms that are challenging for leaders to address, such as drops in revenue/funding, employee engagement, or the ability to solve problems and think creatively.

Pulpit Supply and other Talks:

Cultivating Grace in Difficult Times

(20-minute sermon) No matter what your value system may be or how it may shift over the transitions in your life, no matter how important it is for you to remain aware of your values and to uphold them with your decisions and actions, perfect compliance is not within our grasp. Mistakes and misjudgments will always be part of who we are. We may be aware of how things should be better. How we should be better. But our inherent value as human beings is not dependent on our consistency. You are in the human family. Accept it.

Get Your Second Wind: Finding Your Hidden Sources of Energy

Do you have enough energy to finish a full day of work and still greet your friends and family with enthusiasm–even listening fully to their stories–after a full day at work? If not, attending Get Your Second Wind: Finding Your Hidden Sources of Energy will turn that scenario from a fantasy into a real possibility.

This presentation is designed to support you in gaining perspective and managing your energy for optimal engagement and productivity in the current reality. It will inform, involve, and inspire you so you can find the sources of energy you need to thrive even with a heavy workload and tight deadlines.

The harder we work and the more time we put in, the less perspective we have. Unfortunately, the loss in perspective keeps us from hearing the inner voice of wisdom that would help us see how to solve problems faster and save ourselves time.

Choosing Courage in Corporate Life

We face many situations in corporate life that challenge our courage: applying for a job or promotion, confronting bad behavior, giving presentations, and speaking up in a meeting are just a few. But many of us manage to live day after day without drawing on our courage banks. We avoid confrontation, “pick our battles,” and let opportunities pass us by, believing that (unlike others) we just aren’t “that type of person.” Is that all there is?

This presentation is designed to support you in exploring courage and the key practices that will help you to move forward so you can be the person you most wish you could be, approaching your work with both compassion and accountability for the best possible outcomes. It will inform, involve, and inspire you to change your approach so that courage is closer at hand.

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