Inspirational Leadership Intro w/Guided Journaling

28 days of journaling and self-assessments, along with two 30-minute phone calls with Amy, to find your purpose, values, and vision, and develop a spiritual practice of journaling.

How it works

The entire course will be delivered to you via email, with one email per day from the time you make the purchase for about a month.

Your purchase triggers a series of emails which constitute the journaling program.

Day #1: About ten minutes after your purchase is complete, the email address you use to create your account will receive a note confirming that the purchase was made successfully and you have been added to the program.

Day #2:  On day after your purchase, you’ll receive a note welcoming you to the program and outlining what you need to know and do in order to be ready to begin. This email will include information about how to schedule your two coaching sessions with Amy. You can use these sessions however you wish. You set the agenda!

Day #3: This email will contain a list of tips for journaling success.

Days #4 – 31: This is when your journaling program will take place. Each day for 28 days (four weeks) you will receive a journaling prompt. These prompts will walk you through an exploration of your values, your purpose, your needs for being at your best, and your future.

Day #32: A concluding celebration of what you have accomplished!

Dip your toe into coaching!

This program includes two 30-minute coaching sessions with Amy Kay Watson! In the first few emails you will receive information about how to schedule your virtual coaching sessions with Amy. This alone is worth the price of the course and is an excellent introduction to coaching if you have never experienced it before.