Leadership and Executive Coaching

Leadership Coaching

No matter how dedicated or well trained you are, leading others is challenging. Dysfunctional organizational dynamics, staff resistance, and unreasonable expectations are just a few of the challenges I’ve helped leaders overcome.

If you’re passionate about helping your organization and team be the best it can be, I can help, even if you’re facing difficult challenges. Leaders who work with me have achieved greater engagement levels from their employees, volunteers, and members. They’ve gotten clearer on what steps to take to achieve their organizational goals, held themselves accountable to taking those steps in a timely manner, overcome obstacles to taking those steps, and achieved their goals, even when those goals felt impossible to reach.

For example, after I led a recent retreat for a pastor and her congregation, she found people started stepping up, doing more, and realizing the church’s problems were not her fault. And through her one-on-one coaching with me, she felt her own inner light sparked.

Many of my clients have gained new or better jobs with more money and recognition after our work together. But what I love most is seeing how their mindset transforms, how they become oriented to solutions rather than complaints, and emotionally? They know how to get calm. This gives them an ability to take on bigger challenges–now!

My clients have also experienced:

  • Increased cooperation from others, including improved relationships due to personal clarity about actions and expectations

  • Decreased distraction levels and improved focus, with better productivity

  • Improved ability to set and protect boundaries.
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Think what this could do for you! Imagine how it would feel at the end of the day if you felt like you were in control without being controlling, with staff who enjoyed greater job satisfaction and engagement while also respecting boundaries and appreciating your caring leadership.



How to get started

I offer a variety of ways for you to improve your effectiveness as a leader, and you can choose the level where you want to get started. While each level covers similar material, the higher the level, the greater the complexity of material, and the greater the engagement and commitment required. With that greater commitment comes a higher level of success in achieving your goals. Choose a program below or Schedule A Chat to explore your options for free with a coach.



    1. Inspirational Leadership Full Leader & Team Coaching : The signature full-year program that gives you the structure and accountability–as well as the support–that you need to succeed. The year begins with a 360 assessment and report of and for the senior leader and includes 18 private coaching sessions and leadership team training. Offered by application and interview only. Schedule a chat.  
    2. Inspirational Leadership Healthy Systems Training: Four months of workbooks, and four 60- to 90-minute calls with Amy to take a deep dive into Understanding Systems (those relationship dynamics that drive everything in your work), Emotional Self-Awareness (so you have fewer experiences of not knowing why you did something or why you can’t change), Emotional Resilience (so you can bounce back more easily), and Leading Accountably (to support you in standing your sacred ground). Healthy Systems Coaching is not right for every leader and is offered by application and interview only. Schedule a chat
    3. Inspirational Leadership Career Clarity: Workbooks and video trainings are provided so you can proceed at your own pace, whether that’s four weeks or four months. Includes two 60-minute phone calls with Amy. This course will help you understand how you’re wired, what you bring to a job, and what you need in your work so you can feel fulfilled and purposeful in your work. Schedule a chat
    4. Inspirational Leadership Skillbuilder: Nine weeks of worksheets, journaling, and video training, with two 60-minute phone calls with Amy to change your lens, understand relationship dynamics in your work and home life, become more productive and less resistant to those unpleasant tasks, and supercharge your leadership! (Immediate purchase option coming soon!)
    5. Inspirational Leadership Guided Journaling: 28 days of journaling and self-assessments, along with two 30-minute phone calls with Amy, to find your purpose, values, and vision, and develop a spiritual practice of journaling. (Immediate purchase option coming soon!)
    6. Inspirational Leader Training (free!): My training and experience coaching clergy and other purpose-driven leaders led me to develop a free Inspirational Leader video training for leaders who experience these kinds of difficulties. Check back often — this will be made available on this site soon!

Team coaching is also available as a add-on program to Leader Coaching.