Leadership and Executive Coaching

I love working with leaders and executives who are passionate about having a positive impact on the functioning and results of their organization and team. Leaders who work with me achieve

  • improvements in
    • work and life satisfaction
    • relationships
    • understanding of situations and people
    • self-awareness and self-regulation (often called self-control)
    • sense of purpose
    • results orientation
    • integrity
    • emotional resilience
  • decreases in
    • stress and anxiety
    • psychosomatic symptoms such as
      • insomnia
      • stress eating
      • back pain
      • low energy


How it works

I contract with leaders for a 9-12 month engagement:

  • I will meet with you as the client (the person receiving coaching) and your sponsor (the manager or other leader authorizing payment for the coaching) to clarify goals for the coaching engagement.
  • Over the first two months I will conduct a personal leadership 360 in which I interview ten individuals chosen by you (the client). In these interviews I learn about your strengths and challenges.
  • Meanwhile, we will meet twice a month. While the 360 interviews are taking place, we may talk about your history of receiving feedback and prepare you for the results of the 360, whatever they may be.
  • You will set the agenda for all sessions with only two exceptions:
    • One session will be devoted to the 360 interview. I will ask you all the same questions (about yourself) that I have been asking your 360 colleagues (about you).
    • One session will be devoted to your 360 report — delivering and debriefing the results.
  • In the third month I report back to you (and only you) about the results of these 360 interviews. This report takes place face-t0-face and is handled with respect and support, because I believe you are a talented, committed leader who is capable of rising to the challenges you face.
  • We will meet with your sponsor every three months for a conversation I facilitate so you can report on your progress and experiences, and your sponsor can share what improvements s/he is noticing.
  • We will revisit your coaching goals every few months to make sure we are working on the best priorities for you.
  • Each month I will provide you with opportunities — readings, assessments, and exercises that I believe will help you to move toward your goals. You will choose those activities that you believe will stretch you and meet your needs.
  • We will finish with a final meeting with your sponsor to wrap up the coaching engagement and ensure you have a plan for any next steps you will take following coaching.


Who I love to work with

I have no preconceived ideas about who is supposed to be behind a particular title or role. I have worked with people at all levels of the organization, from the C-suite to front-line associates. I have supported professionals in retail, healthcare, higher education, and religious ministry. I have worked with individuals and teams, and I love what I learn when I work with someone new. I focus my practice on clients who demonstrate capability for self-awareness and pursuing personal improvement.

(In case you’re wondering, this is who I don’t work with)

I will not work with managers who believe they do not need or want help. I will not work with individuals whose behavioral problems are extreme or disparaging.

How to begin

Whether you want coaching for yourself or someone in your organization, you can get the ball rolling without any commitment by contacting me via Amy@CareerLeadershipAlignment.com or (614) 519-0737 to make an appointment for a “get-acquainted call.”

I look forward to hearing from you.