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Are you in?

When was the last time you asked yourself, “Do I really want to keep doing this?” You might have been feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed, or exasperated, but I have a secret. That moment, when you are deciding if you are in or out — that’s a powerful moment! It’s a spiritual moment! When you decide whether […]

5 Immediate Use Strategies for Taming Email (BONUS VIDEO: Email as a spiritual practice)

Most of the time I write about how purpose-driven leaders can be more effective in their working relationships, and so a topic like “taming email” may seem like a strange departure. And yet, I believe that email overwhelm is at its heart about relationships. You might avoid an email because it contains something difficult, and […]

4 Mistakes You’re Making in Relationships at Work

Photo of a broken pencil. The placement of thumbs makes it clear this pencil was just broken in frustration.

4 Mistakes You’re Making in Relationships at Work You didn’t sleep well, but you’ve made it to work anyway, hopeful that you will be able to get at least one task from your list actually completed. If things go well, maybe you’ll even make a little progress on a few more. Before you’ve set your things […]