Book and Speaking: Working with Stress and Fear

WORKING with STRESS and FEAR.jpgFrom the Book’s Introduction

After years of looking for a fix, I started to realize that life isn’t about fixing the fear and stress. I was never meant to find a cure. When they say, “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” that’s not just a motivational statement. It is a fact of what we have to do if we are going to live.

Stress and fear are a part of life. We can understand them. We can act in ways that help us to experience them less frequently or less intensely sometimes, but doing so will never be easy.

I will admit this to you: I am not entirely at peace with that. But I have come to realize that it is true, whether I like it or not.

Over the last decade I have finally started to see myself come to wisdom about fear and stress, if not relief. And the wisdom about this experience stretches into every part of life that I know.

This book is written to share with you some of that wisdom, and you may purchase the ebook at Amazon here.

Public Speaking and Group Facilitation

I can offer interactive, dynamic programming on these topics:

  • Three Keys to Influence: Own Your Power Without Stealing Theirs 
  • The Power of Authentic Communication: Seek and Speak Your
  • We Can’t Go On at this Pace: What and how to change when something
    has to. 
  • Get Your Second Wind: Finding Your Hidden Sources of Energy.
  • Choosing Courage in Corporate Life: Bolstering Your Inner Voice of Wisdom where the Bottom Line Reigns
  • Networking for Introverts

And I’ve spoken for these organizations:

  • International Coach Federation (Columbus)
  • Career Transition Institute
  • American Marketing Association – Job Transition Special-interest Group
  • IBM Women’s Resource Group
  • OCLC Women’s Resource Group
  • Huntington Women’s Network
  • First UU Church of Columbus
  • Cargill Human Resources Senior Leadership Team
  • The Ohio State University Women’s Summit

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