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Get Better At Predicting Your Effectiveness

Just two years into my first dream job, I got fired. Like many new managers, I had been promoted because I was ambitious and good at the front-line work. But as soon as I was promoted I started using my authority to boss people around. I assumed I was right and they were wrong, and […]

Is your employee your customer?

Karla was tearing her hair out in frustration over two employees. “They just won’t get along. They’re constantly bringing me their problems. First one complains and then the other, always about each other. Neither of them is wrong, exactly. I just wish they’d focus on getting work done instead of worrying about what someone else […]

5 Immediate Use Strategies for Taming Email (BONUS VIDEO: Email as a spiritual practice)

Most of the time I write about how purpose-driven leaders can be more effective in their working relationships, and so a topic like “taming email” may seem like a strange departure. And yet, I believe that email overwhelm is at its heart about relationships. You might avoid an email because it contains something difficult, and […]

Healthy Systems Leadership

Healthy Systems Leadership Image

We live in anxious times. Technology is driving change at an unprecedented rate in the workplace. Reductions in force, growth, reorganization, and other changes in staffing create anxious environments for members as relationship systems and social networks are disrupted.   They also generate symptoms that are challenging for leaders to address, such as drops in […]

Being an Authentic Communicator

Authentic Communications Image

Do you struggle to express yourself when you’re feeling frustrated, confused, or nervous? Do you worry that your emotional life will prevent you from achieving professional success? Have you been struggling to wear a false mask just to show up “professionally” at work?   This highly interactive workshop, designed for anyone entering into their profession […]