Is it time for you to pay attention to your career? (SAVE THE DATE!)

Do you have anyone in your life who says things like this?

  • I’m just trying to get through each day until I can get home.
  • I’m tired of being tired/miserable all the time.
  • I’m afraid I’ll get fired.
  • I’ve got no more to give!
  • I’m tired of wrestling everybody just to get the simplest things done.
  • I’ve tried everything, and at this point it’s insanity to keep trying.
  • I’m not getting everything done that I would like. It’s starting to keep me up at night, and being tired just contributes to the challenge.
  • I’m spending too much time in front of the TV in the evenings because my brain is fried.
  • Just ten more years, three months, and eighteen days until retirement!

Or maybe that’s you.

If you are a professional who is thinking it’s time to pay attention to your career, I want you to SAVE THIS DATE: Friday, March 30, 2018. I’m going to be doing something special in the great city of Columbus, Ohio.

And this is your invitation to spend the day with me.

If you want more details, just shoot me an email ( and let me know you want the details. I’ll make sure you’re in the loop.

(PSSST. This is the first time I’ve ever offered folks a whole day to work with me on your career. This is not a job-hunting workshop, so it’s not for folks looking for work. It’s for people who are in a career that needs your attention.)

I’m limiting the space on this to just ten people. If you want to be one of those ten, let me know!

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