Can you turn the disappointment in life to skyward flight?

I help people who want a greater sense of integrity and wholeness in their life, career, and/or leadership. Specifically, I help them bring what they do into alignment with who they are as a person. And I’ve found that coaching (inquiry-based coaching, from an ICF-certified coach) can have almost magical results. When I see what’s possible and what my clients accomplish while we’re working together, I can’t help but get excited and want to share the wealth!

I sent the following story to a friend recently and then decided to share it more broadly here, with you.

My former client Michael came to me feeling his opportunities were really slipping through his fingers. At 53, he felt like his job was dead-end, he couldn’t seem to seal the deal with his partner of 23 years, and he was far too afraid of commitment to allow himself to put his name on a mortgage.

While coaching with me, he landed a dream job. He recognized where he actually had power to shift the dynamics with his partner, and they found the joy they were looking for. He also allowed himself to take action, finding and buying a house! All this happened within just one year of coaching. He and his partner were married this past summer.

Michael was nice enough to do a video testimonial for me and I love this quote from him:

Things started happening despite my even thinking it was even possible.”

As I said at the end of that video testimonial, good coaching helps you hear your own inner voice of wisdom. When you have a desire – a true desire from your deepest self – that’s your true heart seeking expression. My role as coach is to help you hear and honor your true heart’s voice.

I am accepting just a few new clients right now. If you know of someone who might benefit from coaching, please share this story/post with them. I offer a complimentary exploration session to help anyone who is exploring. We’ll talk for 20-30 minutes and decide if we’re a good fit and coaching is a good solution. People usually benefit from this session, and I never push. So it’s actually a win for them whether or not they decide to hire me.

If you make a referral (or want to explore this option for yourself) all it takes is an email to me ( I’ll take it from there.


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