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How do you know whether something is true? How do you convince others to believe the facts? (Do you even try?)

Research shows that our human minds are prone to thinking errors – predictable mistakes that cause us to believe what is comfortable when it conflicts with what is true. These errors leave us vulnerable to making decisions based on ungrounded thinking, leading to disastrous consequences for our personal lives, relationships, careers, civic and political engagement, and for our society as a whole.

Cognitive and behavioral scientists have uncovered many useful strategies for overcoming our mental mistakes. This book presents a variety of research-based tools for ensuring that our beliefs are aligned with reality–a key to living with integrity.

With examples from daily life and an engaging style, the book will provide you with the skills to avoid thinking mistakes and even help others to do so, facilitating success for yourself, your loved ones, and the wider world.

(Handy for family gatherings!)

Pick up your copy here: (Kindle edition is only $5!)

We all imagine that our beliefs, decisions, and actions are based on a sound foundation. Unfortunately, that rosy opinion of ourselves is often false. We take mental shortcuts, and while our gut reactions usually serve us well, we do have cognitive biases that can lead us astray without our knowing what has happened.

Shortcuts save time and energy – that’s why we use them – but occasionally they create personal or societal disasters. Dr. Gleb Tsipursky has put together this wonderful book to help us cut through misinformation, emotional traps, and hone in on the truth.

You will find tons of practical information on “Individual Truth-Seeking”  “Truth-Seeking & Other People” (particularly Collaborative Truth-Seeking and support for ‘Trouble Resolving Disagreements’)

The final section, “Truth Seeking & Civic Life” may be useful for conversations that center around politics. Whether you see yourself as Liberal, Independent, or Conservative, you are invited to seek political and governmental policies based on real facts and rational thinking. As a voter you are invited to recognize (and resist) when politicians are trying to manipulate you through your biases and emotions, as well as recognize good journalism and avoid being fooled by fake news. The strongest artument in the book is that your political viewpoints aren’t nearly as important as HOW you arrive there.

Buy the Kindle version and you will find links to back up every claim made. Look up the hard facts and scientific research for yourself. (Let’s hope you could expect no less from book about truth.)

Gleb Tsipursky delivers his premise and backs it up. This book is worth multiple readings.

Get ready for family gatherings here: (Kindle edition is only $5!)

(Full disclosure, there’s a chapter in the book about receiving feedback (EGADS) by yours truly.)

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