Healthy Systems Leadership

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We live in anxious times. Technology is driving change at an unprecedented rate in the workplace. Reductions in force, growth, reorganization, and other changes in staffing create anxious environments for members as relationship systems and social networks are disrupted.


They also generate symptoms that are challenging for leaders to address, such as drops in revenue/funding, employee engagement, or the ability to solve problems and think creatively. In addition, the organization may see increases in burnout, illness, or other signs of stress.


Systems theory can effectively engage with anxious work systems.


This embodied-learning session will introduce leaders to concepts from systems theory that can support the leader’s ability to:

  • understand how relationship systems work in organizations
  • better manage themselves and others,
  • see the emotional “forces” at work in the organizational system, and
  • promote necessary and even unexpected changes.


Participants in this 3-hour workshop will learn the core principles of systems theory for managing organizations:

  • managing self,
  • being clear about one’s own beliefs and values, and
  • avoiding reactivity while remaining engaged.

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