Success depends on your work aligning with who you are

Jon Stewart

Because of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show (and also Colbert), I’ve held belief that there is SOMETHING that each of us is uniquely capable of doing for the world that, if we could only see what it is and find a way to make it happen, would make us each successful beyond our dreams.

Jon was a good comedian and an actor who did fine. But he kept trying new things until he was described as incredible and amazing and important.

I believe that is in each of us. But we have to keep trying new things. Every day we sigh and accept ‘good’ and ‘fine’ is a day we are postponing our own experience of incredible and amazing.

Michael Jordan was not so great at baseball or golf.

What would you try if you knew you could not fail? What’s in your ideal job description, “if only?” What’s one thing you could do today to move yourself closer to the reality of that dream?


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