What It Is

Nine months of transformational private coaching for members of the clergy. Sojourners receive private attention and care on their most important issues and challenges.

You became a leader to serve others and to make things happen on a bigger scale than you could do by yourself. It is easy to become distracted from that mission. Daily overwhelm, interruptions, and the demands of your stakeholders can pull you away from your personal vision, despite your considerable commitment and sacrifice.

To what extent is your professional role serving your goals? Do you find that some days the expectations others have of you actually hinder you from achieving what is most important? Coaching will help you to step back from the noise consistently to gain clarity and stay clear so you make progress.

What You Get

  • Biweekly coaching sessions scheduled in advance for nine months.
  • A curated and customized book list (one book per month) to address your strategic and mindset needs.

While I cannot do the work for you, my previous clients who have done their work with me report:

  • less distraction, more focus, and more productivity.
  • effective boundaries because you manage anxieties effectively.
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