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No matter how dedicated or well trained you are, leading others is challenging. Dysfunctional organizational dynamics, staff resistance, and unreasonable expectations are just a few of the challenges I’ve helped leaders overcome.

If you’re passionate about helping your organization and team be the best it can be, I can help, even if you’re facing difficult challenges. My clients seek to live their lives and pursue their work “on purpose,” with ever increasing self-awareness, creativity, authenticity, and understanding.

Leaders who work with me have achieved greater engagement levels from their employees, volunteers, and members. They’ve gotten clear on how to achieve organizational goals, experienced accountability support for taking those steps in a timely manner, overcome obstacles to taking those steps, and achieved their goals even when they felt impossible to reach.

"When I first started coaching I was a mess, my work was a mess. I was feeling trapped in my job, feeling I had to stay in a role that no longer fit me.

The more I learned about self-differentiation and overfunctioning--and the more I practiced self-compassion--the more I became able to catch my triggers before they would fire so that I could maintain a calm presence.

Now the mess has cleared, things are calm and working well at the Center, and I am a much happier person. I know now that I am in the right job, and I love my work again."

Molly Cameron Founder and Senior Minister / Columbus Center for Spiritual Living

“I was feeling trepidation about following through on projects and areas of growth that interested me. I needed to be putting myself out there, but encountered a fear of rejection and failure. In coaching, we talked through what was happening in my emotional world. I began building a foundation of health and well-being, and I started allowing myself to trust my own voice, to trust where I’ve been and where I am going with what I have to offer. I began giving myself permission to have a voice. I brought my business objectives in alignment with my purpose. The result was finding a centered place in my work to comfortably reach out to connect with others, to build relationships and guide conversation around mutually-beneficial business goals.”

Teresa Garza, Vice President, Miami / Senn Delaney, a Heidrick & Struggles company

“I have found Amy a reflective and inquisitive coach, one that listens profoundly and then provokes thoughts with you through a pertinent question. I would recommend Amy as a coach and facilitator to anyone ready to learn and grow.”

Sébastien Terral, Vice President & Engagement Leader, Paris France / Senn Delaney, a Heidrick & Struggles company

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Michael Brooks - How I got results in coaching

Michaell Brooks - Why I recommend Amy

Many of my clients have gained new or better jobs with more money and recognition after our work together. But what I love most is seeing how their mindset transforms, how they become oriented to solutions rather than complaints, and emotionally? They know how to get calm. This gives them an ability to take on bigger challenges–now!

My clients have also experienced:

  • Increased cooperation from others, including improved relationships due to personal clarity about actions and expectations
  • Decreased distraction levels and improved focus, with better productivity
  • Improved boundaries and the ability to set and protect them.

How to get started

Choose a program below or Schedule A Chat with me to explore your options for free.


1. Inspirational Leadership – Full Leader Coaching for Corporate and Higher Education Leaders

Highly individualized coaching for leadership challenges in corporate and higher-education settings. Perfect for leaders ready to take their skills and capacity to the next level.

Stay cool in hot situations, remain confident with challenging people, and navigate change effectively. Just right for exploring issues around engagement, learning, motivation, relationships, and emotions, as well as interpersonal and group dynamics.

Includes a 360 assessment and report for the senior leader and unlimited coaching for six months at a time. Offered by application and interview only.

Schedule a chat to determine your coaching readiness and needs.

2. Inspirational Leadership – Full Leader & Team Coaching for Nonprofits and Congregations

When you are ready for full leadership coaching, my iterative Inspirational Leadership Coaching and Training series is for you! Schedule a chat to determine the program level that’s right for you

Coaching for Ministers/EDs (Quora) is a low-cost introductory group program includes skill-building and training in seeing and understanding relationships, becoming more productive, and building emotional self-awareness, resilience, and accountability.

Coaching for Ministers/EDs (Sojourners) offers nine months of private coaching in a streamlined format to keep the program affordable.

Coaching for Ministers/EDs (1-to-1 Intensive) is an advanced private-coaching program that begins with a 360 assessment and report for the senior leader and includes 18 private coaching sessions and leadership team training. Offered by application and interview only. Schedule a chat

Schedule a chat to determine the program level that’s right for you

3. Inspirational Leadership – Mentoring for Coaches seeking an ICF Credential or building a business

If you are working on your ICF Credentialing, I can offer you mentor coaching to help you meet the requirements for your next credentialling step, as well as coaching, advice, and mentoring to support the business you are building. Schedule a chat to determine the program level that’s right for you

Mentor Coaching is a 3-6 month program (self-paced) that provides you with the minimum supervision hours you need for your next ICF Credential. We will meet for 45 minutes each time for up to 10 sessions.

Coaching Business Onramp is a six-month program designed to bring your business systems and mindset up to speed so you can focus on getting and serving clients. I will provide the teaching, coaching, and partnership you need so you will make consistent progress toward running your business yourself. My program will fill in the blanks for you so you can get established with solid systems and healthy habits sooner. My training and tools will get you up to speed 2-3 years faster than going it on your own, cobbling together your plan and progress from freebies, books, and that tried and true trial-and-error process. Plus, I’ll be a one-stop shop for your business processes that otherwise you’d have to get from five or six different experts at hundreds of dollars each!

Schedule a chat to determine the program level that’s right for you

4. Inspirational Leadership Career Clarity

Workbooks and training videos are provided so you can proceed at your own pace, whether that’s four weeks or four months. Includes eight 30-minute phone calls with Amy. This course will help you understand how you’re wired, what you bring to a job, and what you need in your work so you can feel fulfilled and purposeful in your work. Learn more or schedule a chat.

5. Inspirational Leadership Guided Journaling

28 days of journaling and self-assessments, along with two 30-minute phone calls with Amy, to find your purpose, values, and vision, and develop a spiritual practice of journaling. ($200) Purchase Now

Inspirational Leader DVD Image6. Inspirational Leader Training (free!)

My training and experience coaching clergy and other purpose-driven leaders led me to develop a free Inspirational Leader video training for leaders who experience these kinds of difficulties. Click here to sign up for free!