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Is your employee your customer?

Karla was tearing her hair out in frustration over two employees. “They just won’t get along. They’re constantly bringing me their problems. First one complains and then the other, always about each other. Neither of them is wrong, exactly. I just wish they’d focus on getting work done instead of worrying about what someone else […]

5 Immediate Use Strategies for Taming Email (BONUS VIDEO: Email as a spiritual practice)

Most of the time I write about how purpose-driven leaders can be more effective in their working relationships, and so a topic like “taming email” may seem like a strange departure. And yet, I believe that email overwhelm is at its heart about relationships. You might avoid an email because it contains something difficult, and […]

The spirituality of how we use time

“My disease is terminal. I know that.” These startling words came from a friend last week–an amazing person who has inspired many with the power of his positivity and love–traits only purified by his encounter with terminal illness. My friend is doing everything he can to fight off disease so he can invest his time in inspiring […]

Engage volunteers* with ease (whether you pay them or not)

Group Of Women Working Together seated around table

You walk into a meeting. Now you know, from your own experience, that people will probably leave this meeting with assignments — tasks or roles they are responsible for in order for the group to achieve its purpose. Meetings like this tend to fall along a spectrum of effectiveness. At one extreme, everyone is assigned a […]

Find the Support You’ve Secretly Longed For

If you’ve ever seen the video “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy,” you know how important it is to have a leadership wingman (wing person?). If you haven’t seen it, here are “the lessons”: Be public. Be easy to follow! There is no movement without the first follower. The best way to make a movement, […]