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Can you turn the disappointment in life to skyward flight?

I help people who want a greater sense of integrity and wholeness in their life, career, and/or leadership. Specifically, I help them bring what they do into alignment with who they are as a person. And I’ve found that coaching (inquiry-based coaching, from an ICF-certified coach) can have almost magical results. When I see what’s possible […]

When you’ve failed

Have you been trying to take something to a new level in 2018? Maybe your job, your relationships, or your business? How’s it going? While I’d love to assume it’s going well, chances are good that you’ve found it difficult already. So, here’s the bad news: Improvements mean new chances at failure. And most of […]

Help for heated family (and friendy) conversations

How do you know whether something is true? How do you convince others to believe the facts? (Do you even try?) Research shows that our human minds are prone to thinking errors – predictable mistakes that cause us to believe what is comfortable when it conflicts with what is true. These errors leave us vulnerable […]

11 Ways to Regain Your Equilibrium

Imagine you’re watching an action-adventure movie. You’re over an hour into the plot when everybody on screen suddenly grabs a gun. Each actor’s got at least two guns pointed away and two pointed at them.  Have you ever been to a meeting like this? The anxiety ramps up, and you start wondering if you can […]

How are you holding up?

I am privileged to feel a connection with several good-hearted people in my city. I’ve worked with some of them in past career stops. I’m partnering with some of them on community projects now. Some of them go to my church. Some I’ve just met through networking. They are lovely, caring people. And I’m noticing […]

Are you in?

When was the last time you asked yourself, “Do I really want to keep doing this?” You might have been feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, depressed, or exasperated, but I have a secret. That moment, when you are deciding if you are in or out — that’s a powerful moment! It’s a spiritual moment! When you decide whether […]

Get Better At Predicting Your Effectiveness

Just two years into my first dream job, I got fired. Like many new managers, I had been promoted because I was ambitious and good at the front-line work. But as soon as I was promoted I started using my authority to boss people around. I assumed I was right and they were wrong, and […]