Something Has to Change

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Are you working a job that’s never done, struggling to prioritize among competing demands? We Can’t Go On At This Pace: What and How to Change When Something Has To is designed to raise your awareness of the internal distractions and expectations that hamper your productivity and support you in developing mental and emotional focus despite everything that’s pulling you in different directions.


Humans crave completion, and many professional women undermine their productivity with an overemphasis on perfection rather than growth. The result is elevated anxiety, which hampers achievement. Instead, you can manage your stress levels so you can stay engaged and productive in the current pace.


By the end of this 60-minute program, you will:

  • Recognize the impact of grounding your choices in purpose
  • Recognize perfectionism for its destructive attributes
  • Identify a practice you can pursue for developing mental and emotional focus
  • Commit to one action that will support your growth toward greater engagement.

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