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Tell it Like it is Thursday (TM) Webinar

from WELD (Women for Economic and Leadership Development)
February 23, 2017

Amy Kay Watson: Choosing Courage in Corporate Life

We face many situations in corporate life that challenge our courage: applying for a job or promotion, confronting bad behavior, giving presentations, and speaking up in a meeting are just a few.

But many of us manage to live day after day without drawing on our courage banks. We avoid confrontation, “pick our battles,” and let opportunities pass us by, believing that (unlike others) we just aren’t “that type of person.” Is that all there is?

Join WELD for their February Tell It Like It Is Thursday (TM )webinar which will feature Amy Kay Watson, M.Div., CEBC, ACC, Career and Leadership Coach, Career Leadership Alignment, LLC.

This presentation is designed to support you in exploring courage and the key practices that will help you to move forward so you can be the person you most wish you could be, approaching your work with both compassion and accountability for the best possible outcomes. It will inform, involve, and inspire you to change your approach so that courage is closer at hand.

By the end of this 60-minute presentation you will:

  • Recognize your imperfections as part of your unique value in the workplace and in life
  • Discover the relationship between discomfort and boundaries
  • Learn how to map contributions (including your own), and then clarify and follow through on consequences when boundaries are violated
  • Learn a process for healing after loss/hurt/disappointment

Thursday, February 23, 2017

  • 11:00am – 12:00pm CST
  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

Limited spaces are available. Click here to register for this national event! Registration closes at noon on February 20th! Late fees apply after registration closes.

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